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Stand up envelopes: the reasons for a success

Stand up envelopes are among our flagship products, extremely originalconvenient  and  practical packaging  . The particular shape of the envelope with the flat oval bottom   in fact, makes them able to stand upright on their own, giving them  visibility on shelves higher than traditional envelopes. They are therefore packaging suitable for companies that want a unique packaging for their product, knowing how important this is for  marketing  the product itself.

Make the envelopes even more unique

The zip  freshness  in airtight plastic, resealable with the simple pressure of the hand, then makes them irreplaceable for convenience of use and practicality. Your client will no longer have to find DIY methods to close the package. Products such as powdered tea, coffee, dried fruit or pasta therefore find in them the resolution to problems of conservation over time. With the addition of the valve, they are ideal and very popular as coffee bags. Even if from stock therefore, these envelopes are customizable. And now they are also available in elegant colored paper .

Savings on traditional packaging

Although produced in triple coupled Pet and Pe, and equipped with a pressure hinge, the prices are absolutely advantageous, especially when compared to traditional rigid containers. It is easy to imagine how in the transport phase the occupied space is infinitely smaller (up to 10 times), and so the relative costs.

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I want to know more

The stand up envelopes are available both in prompt delivery in our stock supply in numerous sizes and colors, and customized by the customer. Before buying, you can ask us for a  free sample  to test the quality and the most suitable size, or request  more information

The following is a simple example of the measurements and the table with the dimensions and colors currently in stock.

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